Lastcall (Macromedia, Flash game) video game

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Snayperskaya (1451858192)
I've gave up looking for this game some years ago, just to try again and be
surprised by your upload. Thank you! :)
janelane (1434605053)
I love this game!! it's weird to say that this was one of my very first
games in a computer as a child, but I only got to play the demo version. lol
Thank you for this!
John Cutler (1434604784)
My name is John Cutler, and I developed this game with my friends in NY in
the late 1990s / early 2000s. Great memories!. Some fun facts. Tina Fey
played Nurse Rhonda (under a pseudonym).. Bacchus is Adam Felber from Wait
Wait Don't Tell Me. You can make any character pass out by serving them a
large sized pint sized shot. Lots of easter eggs that are escaping me at
the moment.

Awesome to see that some folks are still playing the game!
pixiedustxx1 (1431100774)
I think you have just made my child self VERY HAPPY!! :D all my life I've
been dreaming of having the full version! 
Eiram1300 (1424148900)
oh my god. I have been looking for this game for years!!! I played it as a
kid, not understand it at all, but it just stuck in my memory. thank you
for sharing it. :D
alissonpc (1424120567)
This version of our link it's the full version or demo?
Chinky Bling-Eye (1423203659)
I love this game. But somehow I can only play it in a small window. Any
good advice? :)
LeBadman (1421349240)
If anyone is having problems running or installing this game, please tell
me so I can make a video on how to do it.
LeBadman (1421349224)
Instructions: 1) You need to extract it to a folder with a program called
7zip. 2) You need to install a program called 'DaemonTools Lite', add a
virtual drive and 'mount' the ISO file. 3) Run LastCall.exe
ReaperGalz (1421008044)
I also loved playing this game few years back. :)
I noticed the download is missing in the link. Waiting for you to send it.
I tried finding the game but only found demo versions. Thank you so much
for the full game :) :)
LeBadman (1420908026)
For future reference: all of you who wish to ask me the link, please do so
in a polite and formal manner. I do not appreciate rude requests. Thank
Delon Hibbert (1420907554)
can i get the link plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SD C (1417548710)
Are you still able to send the download?? I loved this game!
Matthew Hudson (1417115707)
Is this still available to download?? Thanks!
BabaganoujSTEVO (1416386567)
Oh man, classic.
bluslash (1415787538)
Cool game, I remember playing it a long long time ago, too bad I can't make
it full screen now.
LeBadman (1377780699)
Neat. Enjoy. =)
LeBadman (1377717347)
What trouble? :o
LeBadman (1375005653)
Game on! :P
Catia2187 (1374970741)
Thank you so much for this! Brings back so many memories.. Never thought i
would play this again! Thank you :)

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