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Julianna Lee (1452645635)
They are pentagons
ggrox17 (1452630945)
You have to right click
Lilyivy 7706 (1452574541)
I am W.E.I.R.D
Ariel Davis (1452476018)
eric Crawford (1452436764)
I Poop Even Know Lol
Aubrey Hardy (1452394243)
I ate it
Mayrelin R. (1452359004)
You bury me alive, but dig me up when I'm dead. Who am I?

ANSWER A plant.
CakePlays (1452357204)
What the heck!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a 2:57 unstoppable ad. I thought it
got cut off at 0:30!!!!
Khuong Le (1452306177)
please do ilushions plz. my wish was to meet you and red and your kittys.
:[ btw im in nz
Rye Xxgamer (1452303372)
I had gum in my mouth, she didnt lose.. I spit it out and she lost..
Sonia Piscayanti (1452214802)
the drawing reminds me about asdf
mary dinh (1452108682)
lolol xD cupquake, you are funny like jack, yami, mark, and pewds. I love
you and keep making videos! 😗😙😘
Morgan Pierce (1451962974)
Who else is watching this on a Monday.
Katie Jo (1451949980)
This is awesome xD
IamJems (1451938306)
Casion Whitaker (1451883949)
so funny
lorena castillo (1451877958)
play movie star planet
madeline mccambridge (1451871053)
Marta Kang Ph.D. (1451856056)
play who's your daddy

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